Tuesday, September 13, 2011


132. Most people assume that anyone who can speak or write clearly can communicate. But communicating anything really new is always a miracle -- very rare, but not impossible! - M.M.

133. McLuhan's ideas, which once made him sound like a distant interplanetary intelligence, have become the dominant ideology of the 20th-century life... - P. Newman

134. Cash is the poor man's credit card. - M.M.

135. McLuhan on Fame: I experience a great deal of liberty here in Toronto that I wouldn't get in the States, because I'm taken quite seriously there. The fact that Canadians don't take me seriously is a huge advantage. It makes me a free man.

136. McLuhan's intuitive leaps, the quality of his probes into a dim future, remain as brilliant as ever -- becoming even more relevant as the world he envisioned a decade ago moves closer and closer to reality. - P. Newman

137. The clown is really the emperor's P.R. man who keeps him in touch with the world that the emperor cannot reach himself. - M.M.

138. The new human occupation of the electronic age has become surveillance, CIA-style. - M.M.

139. Espionage is now the total human activity -- whether you call it audience rating, consumer surveys, and so on -- all men are now engaged as hunters of information. - M.M.

140. Women's liberation represents demand for absolute mobility, not just physical and political freedom to change roles, jobs and attitudes, but total mobility. - M.M.

141. Radio is hot stuff for such people as the French Canadians. It appeals to the ear, which for tribal cultures is their keenest sense, so it's like firewater to an Indian. - M.M.

142. English Canadians are not nearly as prone to getting excited by radio as French Canadians because they have a much bigger backlog of literacy and visual culture to protect them and immunize them against the ear. - M.M.

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