Monday, October 10, 2011

MoMday Night Seminar 26: Available for FREE Download

McLuhan on Maui 2011 MoMday night Seminar 26. Available for FREE download here.

The special guest for MoMday 26 was Ken Hudson. Ken describes himself as a "Canadian intermedia and performance artist, and a bunch of other things." He also works in education. Themes in this session range from the sublime to the banal and bey(i)ond, and it includes a channeled session with "Marshall" and "Corrine."  


Anonymous said...

"Marshall" was in rare form. Objectively, YOU were a thoroughly uninteresting condescending self-obsessed prick.

Anonymous said...

Ian was as inane and banal as he always is, rolling out the same ol' shit from a genuinely condescending posture.

The new stealth format is no good.

Anonymous said...

Does "closed" session mean one cannot get out? Sounded like a hell of a trap on the recording.

Somebody needs to deal with the 'medium' presence. That guy is nothing but a bully.

Anonymous said...