Thursday, October 27, 2011

PROBE : Talking Heads

These video clips, presented here without location or date (not unlike the various McLuhan editions avoiding a "fixed point of view" by remixing without attribution) are ripped from a disfunctional CD-ROM graciously donated in hard copy to the editors (We want to return the disc! We forgot, send yr mailing address!). Like many new media formats, this excellent ROM is just 15 years old and impossible to play on any relatively new computer. The lusciously clunky encoding quality of the videos recalls the time of publication and further points to the incredible speed-up of dead media nostalgia in new media environments. We've expanded each small video to full screen to celebrate these differences and to highlight the artefactual nature of the movie object.

Here is McLuhan at his best — thinking on his feet, slyly satirizing, giving voice to many of the his ideas.

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