Tuesday, October 18, 2011


187. No [television] program can ever exceed the power of its medium to create the effects that are its "message." - B.N. 

188. It has always been an advantage to have direct contact with eminent men, if only because proof positive of their essential mediocrity spurs younger talent. - M.M.

189. Man should maintain a constant, nonstop dialogue with his Creator. And for that kind of dialogue you don't need even to be verbal, let alone grammatical. - M.M.

190. McLuhan's basic quest: "What effects does any medium, as such, have upon our sensory lives?"

191. McLuhan appropriated ideas from others, developing and expanding them beyond anything contemplated by the original proposal. - Carleton Williams

192. Most of us have already noted with admiration how the "deaf" learn to use the eye and kinesthesia as an ear through sign languages, but we often remain unaware of the effects of deafness upon their sensory lives. - B.N.

193. Every human artifact is a communication medium with its own distinctive effects, which reshape its "content" of human users, physically and psychologically and socially. - B.N.

194. "Meaning" is always a relationship between a consciously chosen "figure" and some visible or hidden "ground;" - B.N.

195. The ultimate "ground" -- the mystery of boundless existence -- is made manifest by human experience and affirmed in religious faith. - B.N.

196. Once upon a time, "reality" meant matching the old. Today, "reality" means making the new. - B.N.

197. Truly comprehensive thinkers are anathematic to those who build systems and think along linear, compartmentalized lines. - Edward T. Hall

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