Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The whole wide WORLD in YOUR hand
220. Recognize that the "wireless world" had already obsolesced the "wired city" early in this century (but is now reviving in "global networks" with fresh meaning). - B.N.

221. Old answers are getting cheaper, faster than ever. New questions have become our main resource. - B.N.

222. Today, the action is in resonant relations, not rigid connections. - B.N.

223. The future is not what it used to be (old wit), and neither is the past (new wisdom). - B.N.

224. Unless you see both Ground and Figure simultaneously, you don't have the whole picture. - M.M.

225. We are unconscious of our environment. Fish don't know water exists until they're beached. - Gerry Royer

226. Unless the body can achieve some degree of balance amid the input of the senses, it grows hyper-restless. - M.M.

227. In any community, the ignorance of what is really going on in the world is shared by friend and foe alike. Both are completely ignorant of the Ground they live in. - M.M.

228. TV is the entertainment, and the art gallery is the movies. - M.M.

229. The Japanese idea of space: Space and time are considered as related and relative entities -- neither is fixed. - Fred Thompson

230. The Japanese live by patterns, not by definitions. For example, the house is not merely a building, it is the household that you belong in. - Fred Thompson

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