Monday, October 24, 2011


Marcel Marceau: Master Mime
198. Instant information creates involvement in depth. - M.M.

199. The entire world of technology makes sense by miming the human body and faculties. - M.M.

200. The chair enhances the head and it pushes aside the rest of the body. - W. Constantineau

201. The chair names the parts of the body as it numbs them: feet, legs, seat, back and arms. - W. Constantineau

202. Under electric conditions, as all leaders now know, every seat is a hot-seat. So they now stand and we recline. - W. Constantineau

203. Perception: A proportion among proportions apprehended in our sensory lives. - St. Thomas Aquinas

204. My work is designed for the pragmatic purpose of trying to understand our technological environment and its psychic and social consequences. - M.M.

205. My purpose is to employ facts as tentative probes, as means of insight, of pattern recognition. - M.M.

206. Unless you see both Ground and Figure simultaneously, you don't have the whole picture. - M.M.

207. I want to map new terrain rather than chart old landmarks. - M.M.

208. The natural space of non-literate people (those who have no experience of "phonetic" literacy) is like the "mind's ear" or Acoustic Imagination that dominates the thinking of preliterate and post-literate people alike. - B.N.

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