Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Probes (aka Killer Drones)

"Sassi Bob's my clown(e)"
209. Jobs create unemployment. - M.M.

210. Knowledge creates ignorance. - M.M.

211. Today, anybody can plainly see that law creates ordure: both industrial pollution and abstract legal rights that subvert manifest justice. - B.N.

212. Electric speedup fosters retribalization and accelerates not only the withering away of centralized national states, but also the crumbling of all rational authority imposed on humanity. - B.N.

213. Continuing failure to harmonize human means with humane ends is inflaming "us against them," and leading to neo-tribal warfare everywhere. - B.N.

214. We are now relearning, what the ancients knew: "you can hurt a man's feelings, but not his rage." - B.N.

215. As new electric times seem to reduce centuries into decades, Western civilization is being reduced to universal "trivia" by global multi-media. - B.N.

216. We know that "archetypes" or inventions, whether verbal or nonverbal, are converted into "cliches" by use, and then discarded for reuse in new archetypes through hendiadys (one-by-means-of-two) with new meaning in a new situation. - B.N.

217. The clown is the emperor's PR man. - M.M.

218. The victor belongs to the spoils. - M.M.

219. Should old Aquinas be forgot? - M.M.

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