Monday, October 31, 2011


231. The whole business of logical thinking reminded me that the Japanese don't say "illogical" but "un-logical" or "non-logical." If you can make the "gap" or MA just right, you can find new things. - Fred Thompson

232. If you are prepared to make sense of any particular action in the constantly changing situation, that's a role. Role-playing is to anticipate and to achieve the desired effect. - Fred Thompson

233. In today's Global Electric Theatre, the West is twirling East, while the East is "going West" with ever increasing speed. - B.N.

234. The North American pattern of behaviour had arrived with the Pilgrim Fathers, who lived and died by "the Book": they went outside to conquer nature including natural man, and stayed inside to be with their families. - B.N.

235. Marshall liked to describe his ideas as "probes," not firm convictions, although he always seemed to express them with conviction. - Claude Bissell

236. "Professor McLuhan, I have noted half a dozen instances where you contradicted yourself."

237. "I enjoyed your lecture, but would you mind telling us in a few well-chosen words what you had to say?" "Not at all," replied McLuhan, "You choose the words." - R.J. Schoeck

238. I once asked Marshall whether he wrote poetry, and he said that he used to but didn't any more. I asked, "Why not?" And he replied, "Because if I did, I would want my poems to be better than James Joyce's." - R.J. Schoeck

239. Some people use statistics as a drunk uses a lamp post -- for support rather than illumination. - M.M.

240. It isn't what you know that counts. It's what you think of -- in time. - M.M.

241. Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity. - M.M.

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