Wednesday, November 23, 2011


329. The meaning is the sense that each individual participant makes of the communication process, and the message is the totality of its physical and psychic and social effects, today and ever after, regardless of any intent. - B.N.

330. The only way to hold a dialogue is to express your ignorance -- not to be like a specialist who has answers to sell or exhibit. - B.N.

331. The explorer says: "Give me the question." It is necessary to share ignorance, because the knowledge that lies hidden behind ignorance is boundless. - B.N.

332. Our knowledge is finite. Ignorance is infinite. - B.N.

333. The solutions are not outside, but inside, the problems themselves. For that reason we say that questions, not answers, are today's main resource, not only in science, but in education and everything else. - Margarita D'Amico

334. To cognize is percept. To re-cognize is concept. - M.M.

335. Visual space and order are continuous, connected, homogeneous and static. - M.M.

336. Electric Media: Amplify the radius of simultaneity and the information environment; obsolesce the visual, the connected and the logical; retrieve subliminal, audile-tactile dialogue; flip into "etherealization": the sender is sent (as a discarnate mind). - M.M.

337. The Satellite: Amplifies the planet; obsolesces nature; retrieves ecology; converts nature into an art form. - M.M.

338. One of the chief things was tenacity: keep gnawing away at something and sooner or later it will give. But keep at it. If the problem can't stay at the forefront of your attention, because workaday matters intrude, "put it on the back burner" and keep it simmering. - Eric McLuhan

339. A companion quality, patience, undoubtedly helped make Marshall the great teacher (and discoverer) that he was. He often observed: "no short cuts: the short cut is the long way round." - Eric McLuhan

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