Thursday, November 3, 2011


Fifty-one-Fifty interesting name!?
253. And to think that McLuhan told IBM as early as the sixties that they should move into software. I guess the joke is on them now. - B.N.

254. The newspaperman always dreams of writing a novel. Does he not see he is deep in fiction already? - M.M.

255. Within fifteen years an actor will be elected president. - M.M. (1966)

256. Each new medium produces a new cultural environment that becomes invisible, while that of the previous culture becomes visible. - M.M.

257. All media are extensions of man. - M.M.

258. Relative use of eye and ear changes with differing media. - M.M.

259. Is there a "village idiot" in the Global Village? - Wayne and Shuster

260. Understanding how the metaphors of Eye and Ear influence our thinking is now essential not only for recognizing, but also for anticipating, the "message" of every human artifact. - B.N.

261. At every stage of human history, the dominant technologies reverberate in current metaphors which translate unfamiliar aspects of existence into familiar forms. - B.N.

262. The First Industrial Revolution introduced steam-engines, lineal rails, production lines, "evolution" (paradoxically, unrolling the ancient Book of Nature) and "missing links" that led to step-by-step "progress." - B.N.

263. Today, in the midst of the Second Industrial Revolution, we speak of "fields," "feedback," "resonant chemical bonds," "quantum leaps," and information travelling at the speed of light via electric media. - B.N.

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