Tuesday, November 8, 2011


275. The basic response of the brain wave [to TV] is clearly to the media and not to the content differences. The old theory was concerned with the fact that the message was transported. The new theory must be concerned with the fact that the viewer is transported. - Herbert Krugman

276. The medium is never neutral, for it transforms their sensory inputs into differing sensory responses. - B.N.

277. People communicate with each other through change that is shared. - B.N.

278. Communicating anything new requires anticipating the effects not only of the program, but also of the medium on its actual users. - B.N.

279. The "Medium is the Message" is a rhetorical exaggeration designed to highlight the effects of the medium. - B.N.

280. I learned from Marshall that what was really important in life was not what was directly in front of me in terms of day-to-day tasks and commitments, but the broader perspective of being open to new patterns of thinking... - Robert Fleming

281. ...to contribute anything of major value in the world you have to live in the realm of ideas, concepts, visions and inter-relationships. - Robert Fleming

282. M.M. was rooted firmly in the past -- the "Elizabethan era" -- and yet he was totally geared to the future. - Robert Fleming

283. McLuhan showed that man has to have certain roots and traditions and then on top of that he has to be an explorer. - Robert Fleming

284. Marshall seemed to be saying, "You must not try to pin anything down. It will change." - Robert Fleming

285. Politics offers yesterday's answer's to today's questions. - M.M.

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