Sunday, November 13, 2011


McLuhan by E. Wesselow
286. All media are utterances. - M.M.

287. Actually, art is what you can get away with. - M.M.

288. A portrait is the picture of a person where there is always something wrong with the mouth. - M.M.

289. It seems easier to answer ultimate questions than to solve immediate problems. - M.M.

290. People who are bored, are boring. - E. Wesselow

291. Complexity is simplicity gone overboard. - E. Wesselow

292. Talent is that part of one's body one must not sit on. - E. Wesselow

293. Every coin has three sides. - E. Wesselow

294. The rear-view mirror shows the foreseeable future. - E. Wesselow

295. Percepts suggest a plurality of views; concepts suggest a particular and intentional filtering of these details. - Dennis Murphy

296. Understanding is neither a point of view nor a value judgement. - B.N.

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