Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Blade runners
297. Understanding is not merely conceptual; it requires perception involving all the wits and senses. - B.N.

298. Taking media on their own terms also assumes that beyond ideology and politics we come face to face with how we know; that is, what-we-make-use-of to understand whatever it is we encounter. - Dennis Murphy

299. WE are the "content" of any medium (as users and co-makers of the human experience), not the program as we usually think of it. - Dennis Murphy

300. Once we enter the area of us-as-content, what becomes important is how each of us makes sense, how we make meaning out of all the data we encounter. - Dennis Murphy

301. It is in the comprehensiveness of the manifests, the fullness of all our testimonies, that we come to an inventory of effects.- Dennis Murphy

302. We can come to know the relationship of the human, and the relationship of human beings and information media, by listening to people reflect on their experiences. - Dennis Murphy

303. Competition creates resemblance. - M.M.

304. In order to compete with someone, you must agree to run on the same track, to do the same thing, only faster or better. - George Leonard

305. Specialization and standardization produced close resemblance and, therefore, hot competition between individuals. - George Leonard

306. Competition became the chief motive force in mass education, as in society... - George Leonard

307. Lectures, the most common mode of instruction in mass education, called for little student involvement. - George Leonard

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