Wednesday, November 16, 2011


307. Lectures, the most common mode of instruction in mass education, called for little student involvement. - George Leonard

308. We foresaw the end of this specialization, the cooling of hot sex, the creation of a world in which all of life is erotic. - George Leonard

309. McLuhan's ideas might have been expressed in neon rather than sober scholarly tones, but he was essentially right. - George Leonard

310. When we went to the moon, we expected photographs of craters. Instead, we got a picture of ourselves. Ego trip. Self-love. - M.M.

311. I Neither Interpret Nor Explain, I Explore and Investigate. - M.M.

312. I do not make value judgements. I am not interested in proving the validity of my investigations. - M.M.

313. To understand is to find the structures of current processes, the effects with their causes, not sequentially, but simultaneously and on every side. - M.M./B.N.

314. Our world is an invisible Rim Spin -- all the communication that surrounds us. It is like a cyclone, a vortex that has transformed the old world of visual connections into a new world of audile-tactile resonances: a global theatre of instant awareness. - M.M./B.N.

315. We live in an acoustic space... like discarnate minds floating in the magnetic cities of radio, television and satellites. - M.M./B.N.

316. Our world is a great multimedia poem. To understand this world we must study its processes, investigate their effects to recognize their causes: to program our future. - Margarita D'Amico

317. We must express our ignorance, to seek solutions in the problems themselves. - Margarita D'Amico

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