Saturday, November 19, 2011


318. Mosaic emphasizes that all elements together create the total effect. - Margarita D'Amico

319. The First Revolution was due to the invention of the phonetic alphabet that destroyed the Greek world and converted it into a linear, abstract form. - Margarita D'Amico

320. The Second Revolution was ushered in by the printing press that, through mechanization, intensified the effects of the phonetic alphabet, and fragmented their sensory life, by orienting it toward the linear, the visual. - Margarita D'Amico

321. The discovery of electricity brought about the Third Revolution that began with the telegraph and has reached television and the computer. - Margarita D'Amico

322. McLuhan explores and centres his investigations around a series of contrasts: written and oral; linear and mosaic; individualism and participation; tribal existence and civilization; fragmentation and organic unity. - Margarita D'Amico

323. Twenty-five hundred years of rational culture are in process of dissolution. - M.M./B.N.

324. When the first satellite was launched (Sputnik on October 4, 1957), the Earth was immediately transformed into a Global Theatre. Its inhabitants became not only the observed, but the observers. - Margarita D'Amico/M.M.

325. I study the effects to arrive at the causes. I study everything in play-back. I learned it from publicity. - M.M.

326. At the speed of light we cannot give ourselves the luxury of waiting to see what is happening. Instead, we must know in advance the physical, psychic and social effects of our decisions. - B.N.

327. "Feedback" based on past experience is now too slow. "Feedforward" based on recognition of present process patterns is essential for reprogramming fate. - B.N.

328. Electric communication transports us everywhere, as discarnate minds by metamorphosis, in super-angelic forms. - M.M.

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