Thursday, November 24, 2011


340. Every style is a new way of knowing. - M.M.

341. When you're sure you've found the answer, keep looking: there's more. - Eric McLuhan

342. "There's no right way to find the answer" to a problem, no correct approach: attack it in as many ways as you can find, continuously, until it yields, and then some more. - Eric McLuhan

343. In teaching, Marshall's effort was not to get from students "right answers" but to limber up their thinking, to develop in them a flexibility of responsiveness to literature. "Every style," he would say, "is a new way of knowing." - Eric McLuhan

344. Hard work (there was no other kind) meant serious play... - Eric McLuhan

345. You just cannot approach something from a dozen different directions at once -- have your mind in a dozen different shapes at once -- unless you're mighty playful. - Eric McLuhan

346. "Bucky" Fuller would often observe, every time you use your knowledge it increases. - Eric McLuhan

347. Joyce was a fountain of play, insight, "low seriousness," and inspiration. - Eric McLuhan

348. "Literate Greeks invented phusis -- Nature in visual space -- by abstracting it from chaos - - the "buzzing confusion" of multi-sensory existence. - B.N.

349. Electric information speedup has created a new all-embracing environment -- a Global Theatre of the Absurd, where only the unexpected happens. - B.N.

350. Since the dawn of Western civilization, art has preceded science, precisely because the perceived effects always precede the conceived causes! - B.N.

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