Sunday, November 27, 2011


351. Western Science has organized knowledge for retrieval, while its Art organized ignorance for discovery. - B.N. p246

352. Technology (derived from Greek techne: art or skill of the artisan) preceded science until the Age of Reason, which, pushed to extreme, became "mother of modern revolutions" -- a new chaos. - B.N.

353. In contrast to the Next Industrial Revolution, now "foreseen" as visible figures by "hi-techies" in their latest rear-view mirrors, is the invisible ground of the Next Next Industrial Revolution, now here via electric media. - B.N.

354. Having already learned to ask "why?" logically like Western eye-men, we must now learn to ask "why not? un-logically like Eastern ear-men. Both are essential to restructure our present situation. - B.N.

355. In the real ground of constant change, in pristine and modern chaos alike, only stable figures really need explaining. - B.N.

356. The new New Science will embrace Art, Science, and Religion -- all human knowledge -- both perceptually and conceptually. - B.N.

357. When a man tries to make an impression, it is usually the only impression he makes. - M.M.

358. Celebrities are seen as larger than life. Information is judged not by the content but by the reputation of the author. - Abraham Kirshner

359. Whereas Gutenberg technology isolates sight from the sensorium, television isolates sight, sound and motion from tactility, gravity and kinesthesia. - Abraham Kirshner

360. Excessive television viewing may still pose the greatest threat to literacy in the Western World. Therefore, it is imperative that TV in the first five years (of life) be eliminated or its viewing severely restricted. - Arthur Hurst

361. You don't have to understand the intimate details or the language to understand the process or the patterns. - Ross Hall

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