Monday, November 28, 2011


MoMday 33, the last of the Monday night colloquia/seminars, has just ended. This brings phase one of the McLuhan on Maui 2011 enterprise to a close. This site has now entered into its wind-up phase (only a few more posts to go).

Here are the last of the numbered "probes" (1-391). They are from a list prepared by the late Wayne Constantineau.

362. What Marshall taught me was synthesis: bringing large and diverse things together to form a common idea. - Ross Hall

363. Today, we have learned that everything causes everything else. Scientists would not entertain such an idea because it is too complex, although it is beginning to be taken seriously in the political field of environmental concerns. - Ross Hall

364. In contrast to the Generalist -- a multi-specialist or polymath of Western culture -- the Comprehensivist can grasp the patterns of all cultures, both analytically and synthetically. - B.N.

365. Never before, in this state of perfected communication, has there been so much confusion and breakdown of communication. - Robert Dean

366. Electric speedup annihilates the very image of one's self. The young are deprived of both identity and goals. - B.N.

367. The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth. - Niels Bohr

368. In search of new identities, the "less-developed" Third World intensifies the ferocity of its internecine strife with no end in sight. - B.N.

369. We must now learn to anticipate the effects of means upon our ends before creating their causes. - B.N.

370. Laws of Media: Enhancing Pattern - What does it amplify or enhance?, Revival Pattern - What does it revive or retrieve of similar nature previously obsolesced?, Obsolescing Pattern - What does it erode, replace, or obsolesce?, Transforming Pattern - What does it transform into when pushed to extremes? - M.M./Eric McLuhan

371. Tetrads are forms of aphorism, imploded messages. - B.N.

372. Prominence is the precursor of obsolescence. - M.M.

373. The pure Objectivist believes he can stand naked in this world, whereas the pure Subjectivist believes the world to be his own clothing. - B.N.

374. The pure Empiricist is like the criminal being led off to execution, who says, "This will teach me a good lesson!" - B.N.

375. Failure to take into account multi-sensory awareness is the "blind spot" of modern science. - B.N.

376. Metaphors are culturally determined, and they often hinder our thinking. - B.N.

377. Will cosmologists ever recognize that nobody can ever "explain" Eternity in terms of History? - B.N.

378. Democracy belongs very profoundly with Christianity, and is something I take very seriously indeed. - M.M.

379. The Christian concept of the Mystical Body: all are members of the Body of Christ. This becomes technologically a fact under electronic conditions. - M.M.

380. Involvement and breakthrough, these were the McLuhan trademarks. - Rev. John Kelly

381. You miss reality if you are simply a spectator. - Rev. John Kelly

382. To be human is to be an involved participant in the drama of life -- a sharer and a contributor. - Rev. John Kelly

383. We [in the electric age] are the primitives of an unknown culture. - M.M.

384. If McLuhan had a fear, it was the fear of fragmentation. The whole thrust of his educational effort was to make whole what tends to be discrete and disunified in most of us. - Rev. John Kelly

385. The Sacrifice of the Mass is the greatest form of theatre possible and the one in which the audience is necessarily participant--in which there is no audience. - M.M.

386. In the global village, how stupid to celebrate Mass in the vernacular! - M.M.

387. The artist picks up the message of cultural and technical challenge decades before its transforming impact occurs. - M.M.

388. The reverberations of any human life, now and forever, are beyond measure. - B.N.

389. The action is in the gaps, not the connections, like the "play" between wheel and axle, or the interplay between people in dialogue. Today, effects precede causes by design. - B.N.

390. Here Comes Everybody. - James Joyce

391. In the end is our beginning. - T.S. Eliot

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