Friday, December 2, 2011

MoM Credits, Cast and Crew

Phase one (Feb 22-Dec 01, 2011) of McLuhan on Maui (MoM) is finished! We set out to be the first, longest and last of the McLuhan centenary conferences and celebrations. Our aim was to achieve escape velocity from the black hole of boredom. We succeeded.

Just as there are 33 phase-shifts in McLuhan's 3rd novel, UNDERSTANDING MEDIA, we created 33 colloquia... and this was not by chance so as to haptically iterate the recently announced speed of neutrinos, tachyonically speaking. Anticipatory democracy R US!!

McLuhan on Maui was brought to you by: BoB Dobbs, dark_matter (aka quantum retrocausality, @MarsHAL9000, and one half of James J. Lewis), and Andrew Chrystall (aka @chipbody and the other half of James J. Lewis).

Special mention also goes out to BuzzCoastin for remixing and mashing-up the audio component of MoM.

McLuhan on Maui also featured (listed in no particular order): Michel Moos, George Thompson, Gerd Stern, 8-Bit (Cihan Kaan), Michael Edmunds, Scott Taylor, Mary McLuhan, iON, David Greenberg, Chad Nantais, Dave Newfeld, Yana Grushina, Carol LoPresto, Sheila Cole, Richard Altman, Chad Scoville, MJ, David Worcester, Nick Cascino, Scott Norris, Foo Fighter, Gerry Fialka, Robin Carter, Paul Farrelly, Michael Shields, Virginia Gunther, Cassie McCullagh, Scott Woods, President Obama, Sue Bone, Myroslaw Bytz, Charlie Finch, Sacha Wolfe-Daimpre, Ken Hudson, Paul Levinson and HCE (that's you, dear reader/listener/ESPer).

Qui magis potest minus potest.

Phase two of McLuhan on Maui (MoM) runs from Dec 02-Dec 31, 2011 on Makena Beach (and Environs), Maui, HAWAII.

PROBE : Heavy Metal Thunders

"Finnegans Wake is the greatest guidebook to media study ever fashioned by man."
- Marshall McLuhan, Newsweek Magazine, p.56, February 28, 1966

MoMday Night Seminar 33: Available for FREE Download

McLuhan on Maui 2011 MoMday night Seminar 33. The FINAL MoMday. Available for FREE download here.

The special guests for MoMday 33 were Dave Newfeld, Chad Nantais, Myroslaw Bytz, Scott Norris, Ken Hudson, and Bob Dobbs.

The necessary background for #MoM33 is Arthur Kroker's talk "The Mis-Educated Imagination of Marshall McLuhan." You can download this talk here.