Call for Papers

The aim of the conference is to bring together musicians, scientists, mediums, athletes, bankers, artists, healthcare workers, entrepreneurs, social workers, artisans, metaphysicians, government bureaucrats, and even academics to meditate, mediate, and reflect the contribution(s) of H. Marshall McLuhan. In the final analysis, this MoM conference is about the one object—life itself. Ergo, the doors are open to all figures from any area of the human experiencement.

MoM invites the submission of abstracts, full papers, and/or multi-media productions/creations. ALL media formats are accepted and variety is ENCOURAGED.

Abstracts for presentations can be short or extended (from 100-800 words). Full papers should be less than 6,900 words. Each abstract and paper will undergo a triple-blind peer review process. Accepted abstracts will be published in the proceedings. A selection of full papers will also be published in one of the conference publications (see PUBLICATIONS section of this site). The deadline for submission of abstracts is the November 22, 2011 (there is a one week turn around on peer-review). Please note, however, that your chances of securing a specific time slot during the month-long Maui conference is greatly enhanced if you submit earlier. In lieu of an early submission you are at the mercy of the tides.

MoM 2011 aspires to be more than an opportunity to see another country, professionally network, and endure boredom. This year we would like to see contributions that grapple with the following themes:
* McLuhan and physics
* McLuhan as politician or McLuhan and politics
* McLuhan and music
* McLuhan and religion
* McLuhan and the Gutenberg Galaxy
* McLuhan and the Art(s) of criticism 
* McLuhan and pre-history or para-psychology
* McLuhan's dis-equilibirum economics
* McLuhan and mediumship
* McLuhan and new technologies 
* McLuhan, metaphysics & magic.
* McLuhan and the intelligence communities
* Conspiracy theory
* McLuhan and the secret societies
* The disservices of 100-year celebrations.

We also want papers that embrace the FRINGE, contending with such themes as: cybernetics, nanotechnology, telekinesis, pharmaceuticals, extra-sensory perception, bio-chemistry, psychokinesis, teleportation, artificial intelligence(s), precognition, dark matter, suspended animation, transmogrification, and humans as figure AND ground.

Abstracts, papers, and multi-media productions can be emailed to the conference council.
James J. Lewis: